Palidin Security Consultants

Operations Control Van

CCTV Life Saving Action

We are offering a service that no one has ever heard of yet. CK Custom and Palidin Security will be the first and foremost company in this new field of CCTV Security Monitoring. Here at CK Custom we can feed your CCTV into a S.W.A.T. vehicle or Police Car, and We have our own Control Van that we can go on-site to show the cctv feed for Law Enforcement in real-time to save people’s lives. Just imagine if a live shooter scene with hostages and we can provide real-time video for the Law Enforcement to know exactly where everyone is without the criminals knowing that we are watching. This capability should offer a lifesaving critical function. It comes free with a purchase of a Security CCTV System for the first year and after that you must enroll in our yearly warranty program.

This service can be used even if we did not install the primary system. Call for quote.