Palidin Security Consultants CCTV Contract

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Date: _______ -_________ -_____ .

This contract between Palidin Security Consultants and _______________________ is for the installation of a _______ camera system. The proceeding manual does explain everything about the system that is user serviceable and should be only part of the system touched by the client. All other concerns should be called in to Palidin Security Consultants in order to address concerns of the client. The first two service calls are included with the initial contract. There will be an attached paper that will explain the camera placement and must be agreed upon prior to installation and cannot be changed by Palidin Security Consultants or the client without a negotiation for extra work. Palidin Security Consultants will do its best to ensure that there are no obstructed views, but cannot guaranty this due to store fixtures being moved without checking with Palidin Security Consultants for viewing angles which can be covered in the service contract.

Palidin Security Consultants


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352-321-9519 Mobile

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Package Includes:

  • _____ DVR System
  • _____ 1/3” Sony Color IR Cameras
  • _____ 12V/10A 18 Port Power Box for Cameras

Power cable distances 55ft/75ft/100ft/custom length to equal number of cameras

Please indicate your choice in cameras: _____ Indoor Dome Cameras ________Outdoor Bullet Cameras

Warranty Terms; .....One Year Warranty on Parts and Labor: Price includes all previously listed items. Including installation of a __ Channel Standalone System and excluding any extras not agreed upon before confirmation of contract. Once an agreement is made on camera placement it cannot be changed without additional charges. This camera system has all wiring and necessary parts included, but sometimes there are circumstances where additional parts or labor is required. Therefore, if extra parts and labor are required additional charges will be incurred by the client. All extra work will be clarified before work is done or extra parts are purchased. Additional service calls will be paid for by the client at a fee of $45.00 dollars per call... Initials________

Cost of Goods: Total Price: $_________ Down Payment 50% of total $___________

The balance is due in ___ equal payments of _______ Monthly payments will be withdrawn from an Account on the ________ of every month for the term of the installation contract. Initials_______

________ Card #_____________________ Expires __________ CCID#_______ Signature __________________________

The above credit card number will be used for the sole purpose of payment(s) of this contract and will not be shared by any outside entities. Upon input into our secure database the credit card number, expiration date and CCID number will be blacked out on this contract to insure against identity theft.

Responsibilities of Palidin Security Consultants We here at Palidin Security Consultants will do a professional job quickly and neatly. We will do our best to avoid cost to the client. The hard parts installation usually takes one day and the software takes one day due to alignment of cameras and explanation of how the system works. CK Custom will install the software on one computer. The first day is drawing up locations for the cameras and insuring the correct cameras are ordered for the location.

Responsibilities of Client The following are items that do not come with the CCTV system, but are required to be there. These items can be purchased from Palidin Security Consultants at a discounted rate.

  • Desktop Computer/Laptop
  • Working Internet High Speed Required
  • Two Square Feet of shelf space w/ two feet of clearance w/power access
  • APC Battery Back-up System
  • 15” or larger LCD Screen

Confidentiality Palidin Security Consultants prides itself on our ability to keep you and or your business information private. Under no circumstances other than a court order will any information be given to anyone. Instead the question will be referred to you. We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect. All records are kept on an encrypted server. CK Custom will periodically update you by email concerning any new security equipment or information that would benefit you and or your business.

Warranty Period The contractor will repair, correct or replace any defect of any nature that may occur for a period of one year from date the certificate of completion is issued for a period of one year, extension of this warranty is available under RENEWAL. To this end the contractor will attend site before the end of the next working day after the issue is reported, unless other arrangements are made by client. The issue will be corrected without undue delay. The contractor will provide the employer with details of telephone and fax facilities for reporting such issues. At each visit the contractor will leave with the customer a form which states the reason for the call-out and the action taken to remedy the issues.

Finally, The CCTV should not be seen as a cure-all to eliminate crime. It should be used as one of many tools to deter crime if used correctly. Security is a vital issue for any organization or individual and should be reviewed continually. Also included at the end of this document are some general security guidelines for reviewing and updating your security plans.

Renewal There is a program that after the warranty expires the client can continue the warranty to avoid major costs. Under said warranty CK Custom would do an annual check-up and repair or replace any damaged equipment due to manufacture defect. The equipment that is damaged by vandalism will be replaced labor free. The part that is damaged by vandalism will be paid for by the client or insurance provider if available. The service call itself would be covered in the service contract. A warranty renewal notice will be sent to you one month prior to the end of the installation contract.

The cost of this service is $10.00 a month or $109.00 a year.... Initials________

Important Safeguards and Warnings

  • Do not place heavy objects on the DVR
  • Do not let any solid or liquid fall into or infiltrate the DVR
  • Please brush connectors, fans, and machine box regularly. Before the dust cleaning please switch unit off and unplug it.
  • Do not disassemble unit or try to repair it yourself. Do not replace any components in the system as this will void the warranty.
  • Place DVR unit in temperatures between 60* and 88* Avoid direct sunlight or any heat source
  • Do not install the DVR in a damp area or in a smoky or dusty environment
  • Avoid collision or strong fall
  • Please install in ventilated area
  • `
    This is a binding contract between Palidin Security Consultants and the Client ....

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