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Welcome to PSC

We are a true security company that specializes in CCTV installations, repairs, and services. our unique ability to stand beside your business or home in the event of a crisis sets us apart from other security companies. with a certified Digital Forensic specialist at the helm.

Emergency Response!

Yes! Palidin is on the cutting Edge framework of security, which means that we will respond in the event of a crisis to follow up with the police to make sure the data is not lost all the way to the court room. We are much more than a typical install and go security company.

License Info

Palidin Security Consultants is licensed under the State of Florida Florida Contractor License/Stability Bond, and Certified in the field of Digital forensics by the state of Florida, and a college AS Computer Information Technology degree.

Professional Installers

Palidin Security Consultants has developed an in-house certification process that requires ten years of construction experience to even be eligible to take the course. all of our professional installers are liability bonded to work in the State of Florida.

Who We Are

What makes us unique

Here at Palidin Security we can feed your CCTV into a S.W.A.T. vehicle or Police Car, and We have our own Control Van that we can go on-site to show the cctv feed for Law Enforcement in real-time to save peoples lives. Just imagine if a live shooter scene with hostages and we can provide real-time video for the Law Enforcement to know exactly where everyone is without the criminals knowing that we are watching.

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What We Do

Consult, Design, and Implement

  • Engineer CCTV Solutions
  • Digital Forensics Operations
  • Loss Prevention Optimization
  • Network & Security Solutions
  • VaaS "Video as a Service"
  • Fight false liability claims
  • Optimize Employee Production
  • Shoplifting Policies and Procedures

What People Are Saying

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